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Design for Health

“I'm a UX designer interested in simplifying complex ideas through visual and communication design. When it comes to my work I like to take on a holistic approach in solving design challenges through the lens of empathy and a user-centered approach.

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Throughout my academic career I had an interest in both the sciences and arts and couldn't decide which one to pursue, so I decided why not both? As such, I completed my undergraduate in biology for health science and digital communication with a focus on graphic and UX design. From there the question became, how can I combine the knowledge and skills I gained from these two vastly different disciplines? This lead me to complete my MDes in the Design for Health program. I became interested in finding simplified visual and communicative solution to solve the complexities that is present within healthcare to help empower individuals to make informed decision. Outside of my academic career I am a teaching assistant and Sheridan College assisting in courses focused on graphic design, print design, design thinking and UX design. The current project present on this page focuses on what my partner, Hannah Walsh, and I are presenting at GradEx. For more of my work you can find me at:
OCAD U - Graduate Studies
Design for Health (MDes)
Major In progress, 2022
Sheridan College Oakville
Certificate in Digital Communication (joint program with UTM)
Major Completed, 2019
University of Toronto Mississauga
Double Major in Biology for Health Science & Communication, culture and Information Technology (joint program with Sheridan College)
Major Completed, 2019

Graphic Design UX Design Communication Design Design Research / Co-Design Design in Health Service Design Systems Thinking Inclusive Design Health Literacy Design Thinking

2022, Naloxbox
2021, Foundation Scholarship
Manchee Family
2021, Dean’s Scholarship
2020, Dean’s Scholarship
2020, Foundation Scholarship
Manchee Family