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“My work explores and reflects on children’s literature and fairy tales, colours, shapes, personal experiences, nature, magic, fantasy, monsters, juxtaposition, wish fulfillment, imagination, and inspiration from other artists and media. All these ideas interlace into characters, visual storytelling, and written storytelling intended to inspire, relate, and entertain. They are created in a collaboration of traditional and digital means, with the final product achieved in a flattened surface of traditional material or digital screen.”

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Elizabeth Viscomi is a Hard-of-Hearing digital artist with a focus on character designing, 2D animation, and storytelling. She is currently working part-time at the Pickering Public Library as a member of the Client Experience Taskforce, and can be seen with a cup of tea, some books, and a sketchbook or two in her hometown Pickering.She was able to play a cassette on the VCR since she was four, and watched plenty of animated movies since then. A love of art developed around the time when she dipped markers into water to achieve a painterly effect on rainbows. A love of story developed at a young age, and Elizabeth can be seen with an occasional book and a notebook.Elizabeth is currently completing her fourth year at OCAD University, for Bachelor of Fine Arts in Integrated Media: Digital Painting and Expanded Animation. During her time in OCAD, she has taken Animation: Fundamentals, Animation: Critical Perspectives, Paint & Digital: Collaboration, Colour Exploration, Children's Literature, Human and Comparative Anatomy, Graphic Novels, and a continuing studies Character Design Studio.Currently she plans to tackle her many ideas into one or two big projects, one cup of tea at a time.
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Integrated Media
Major In progress, 2022

Character Design Digital Art Photoshop CC Clip Studio Paint 2D Animation