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“I construct sculptures whose logics stem from components of transportation and architecture. Each work is a specific material frame that seeks to highlight contours of the world that ordinarily fade into the background of perception. Through this process I seek to disclose the ways in which the production of everyday life is choreographed by armatures of standardized forms and protocols whose designs take on an omnipresent quality. My senior thesis was guided by Ariana Reines collection of poetry titled ''The Cow' and Robert Smithson's site / non-site distinction."A clean text is hard against the tongue, like toast well done, which is one way of accepting the doom of morning. A clot of residuals banks up in the mouth; this will have to be gotten rid of somehow."- Ariana Reines, 'The Cow' Pg. 85”

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Gustav Bulzgis (b.2001) is Sculpture/Installation student at OCAD University and will graduate in June 2023.
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Major Completed, 2023

Sculpture Dwelling

2023, Ignite Gallery Sculpture/Installation Award
Ignite Gallery
2023, Pulvis
Gallery 1313
2022, Plasticity's Field of Action
Beaver Hall Gallery
2021, The New Miasma
Gallery 1313
2021, Video Fever
Trinity Square Video
2020, Sculpture Concepts
Ada Slaight Gallery
2023, Ignite Gallery Sculpture / Installation Award
Ignite Gallery
2022, Ellen Battell Stoeckel Fellowship
Yale University