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aka. Aly, Drawing and Painting

“Fear-inducing vulnerability in personal expression creates coexisting traits that form an illusion of distorted identity, presented in my work by fragmented faces. Using acrylic, texture, and woven canvas allowed me to cathartically present certain dimensions whilst concealing others. In carving my honest feelings into the portraits, my final work represents the intricacies of emotion and is true to self. My works experimental weaves reflect the process of self discovery and is used as a sort of therapeutic outlet.Come see my work in person at Grad-Ex 107 in room 490 at 100 McCaul, Toronto!”

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Alessandra Singh (she/her) is Thesis student and Drawing and Painting major at OCAD University. Growing up in a very science driven family, Alessandra did not begin truly focusing on the arts until high school, when she fell in love with it. She works mainly in acrylic, multimedia pieces, and digital work. Having grown up in Collingwood, Ontario she is still inspired by the small-town atmosphere that she knows and loves. Alessandra moved back home to Collingwood at the beginning of quarantine and is currently working between her hometown and the big city of Toronto. Her process is experimental, messy, and dynamic. Alessandra enjoys primarily exploring concepts of feminism, equality, and climate change.
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Drawing and Painting
Major In progress, 2022

Drawing and Painting

2022, OCADSU Spring Festival
TIFF Lightbox Theatres
2021, Culture's Compass
2020, PathoGen: Compiling 2020
2020, Square Foot Show
Loft Gallery Thornbury