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“"Design has the power to break the boundaries through the exploration of different fields, bringing the diversity to the interconnection of life, and design"As social media gradually takes over people's social lives we turns over concerned with being noticed, followed, unfollowed, blocked, liked, commented or mentioned. We are caught in a social trap that begin to weave “perfect” but fake social images and shapes the perceptions of who we are. We pick and choose what to share with others in a way that defines our identities to them. Boment empowers people to share instant moment, live in the moment by breaking down the perfect social image and posting trivial things of life through the images of bubbles.

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I observed people and everyday's things in life to craft an experience that exceeds users' expectation and creates immersive experience for people. My exposure in both industrial and digital design space helps me gain a deep understanding of the human-centred design approach.My ideal design is help people achieve the way they pursue.People experience the life with no waves but feeling it's powerful due to the design.
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Industrial Design
Major Completed, 2022

User Experience Product Design Design Thinking Service Design Brand Design