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Industrial Design

“Mate is an eternal, self-generating, and self-evolving personalized system that opens your mind to the possibilities of tomorrow, while improving your quality of life today..We are on the verge of experiencing a new reality called the Metaverse. Compared to our current reality, it differs in many ways. Numerous possibilities lie within it waiting to be explored. We should therefore expect to see a great deal of change in the future. For us to envision the future, get involved in this transformation from the ordinary to the extraordinary world, and for our minds to change, we need to gradually familiarize ourselves with the new concepts and have a companion by our side.Mate is our Alter Ego, our second self, our truest friend, and most trusted friend, who will lend us an ear, give us a hand, and go on a quest to attain whatever we want!This first-ever virtual buddy, and the next-generation virtual assistant, which is powered by XR, emphasizes the qualities of our ideal self, rather than focusing on our accomplishments..In order to transform your “self”, and redirect your mindset from “OW” to “WOW”, stick to your Mate, constantly re-define your values, and expand your vision.With Mate,“Immerse yourself with ease, live a life of no limits””

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Hello there!My name is Anahita, also known as Anna, and I'm a product designer based in Toronto.Art and design have always been a passion of mine since I was a child. Therefore, I decided to pursue a multi-disciplinary design career by studying Industrial Design. My deepest enthusiasm votes for designs that provoke action and are user-centric, accompanied by a strategic overview and a speculative perspective. Music has the power to transform lives, and I am extremely proud to be a musician as my second career.
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Industrial Design
Major Completed, 2022
University of Tehran
Industrial Design
Major Transferred, 2019

Product Design Creative Consulting Foresight & Strategic Thinking Systems Thinking Design Research UX/UI Visual Communication

2022, Grad Ex 107
OCAD U - Rosalie Sharp Pavilion