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Painting, Sculpture, Installation, Digital Animations, Projections

“This interdisciplinary project aims to reimagine the position of still life in the context of contemporary art. Derived from my memories and relationships with objects that represent my cultural background, this studio-based research traces my interest in visual perception. By intersecting analogue and digital media of art making, this project challenges the notion of stillness and expands on the idea of still life painting. Drawing from ideas of evocative objects, objecthood, stillness and expanded painting, this project opens dimensions of how still life is represented and experienced in contemporary diasporic art.”

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Anam Liaqat is a Pakistani-Canadian interdisciplinary visual artist. Her artistic practice includes creating a fusion of forms, which she refers to as ‘3D Installation Painting.’ Initiated from painting, and translating into a mix of installation, photography, digital animation and projection, her work explores the possibility of new dimensions of painting in Contemporary Art. By adding the elements of movement and life around painted installation through new media art, her work questions the preconceived notions of visual perception.
Graduate Studies
Major Completed, 2022
OCAD U - Graduate Studies
Interdisciplinary Master's in Art, Media and Design (MA, MDes and MFA)
Major Completed, 2022
National College of Art
Fine Art
Major Completed, 2015

Still Life Painting Installation/ sculpture Digital projections and animations

2022, Unstill Life
OCADU Graduate Gallery
2021, Juried Art Show
Art Gallery of Mississauga
2021, Ontario Graduate Scholarship/ Dean's Scholarship