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Environmental Design: Interior Design Specialization

“Architecture extends beyond the realm of its physical structure - it is a reflection of our values, history, and culture.”

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As an emerging designer from OCAD University's architectural program, I have learned how as designers, we have the ability to shape the built environment and leave a lasting impact on our communities. Buildings are more than just structures, as I believe they play a pivotal role in defining architectural identity and function in a community. Rather than creating a division between people and buildings, the integration can foster stronger connections between the people and their built environment. Through the use of unique design elements and sustainability, we have the ability to create buildings and urban landscapes that convey a sense of identity and meaning. Through the expansion of knowledge and refining my architectural practices, I aspire to create a more cohesive and connected community.
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Environmental Design - Interior Design Specialization
Major Completed, 2023

SketchUp Adobe Creative Cloud AutoCAD Enscape V-Ray Sustainability

2023, GradEx 108, OCAD University
100 McCaul Street, Toronto, ON