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“My design practice focuses on fostering enjoyable and practical experiences that improve our everyday lives. Up is a financial management app that offers you an alternative method of saving money in a more engaging and constructive way. Up helps users with hardship in controlling urges to buy by helping them practice self-regulation to make successful behaviour changes by offering weekly gamified saving challenges from short-term to long-term. ”

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I am a designer who values enjoyable and practical products and user experiences that improve our everyday lives.I enjoy exploring and experimenting with visual elements that aid in the creation of intuitive and interactive user experiences. I desire to contribute to building better mobile & web experiences as well as branding and animations embodying complex and diverse problems we encounter. I am currently interested in learning and working with graphic elements that enable more engaging design solutions in the digital environment.
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Industrial Design
Major Completed, 2022

UI/UX Adobe Creative Suite Rhino 3D

2022, Grad Ex 107