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Photogrametry, 3D Modelling, 3D Printing, Bronze Casting

“I am a Pediatric Plastic Surgeon and a Sculptor.My Interdisciplinary Research is Art-based.My Methodology is informed by philosophical concepts.My Sculpting Methods include Photogrammetry, 3D Modelling, 3D Printing, and Bronze CastingThe central concept is the use of Abstraction and Figuration as a metaphor for Mind and Matter to evoke consideration of Non-Duality.

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I have always considered myself an artistic person, not always in the sense of creating art but in seeing it. I have been educated in a scientific environment to understand medicine and practice surgery. Now I am exploring the subjective – that which science cannot yet explain.Reconstructive surgery and sculpture have much in common. Both engage similar cerebral functions of observation, analysis, imagination, and creation through the manipulation of matter. Additionally, both have the potential to heal. I truly believe that art has the potential to bring people together and invoke consideration of ideas; ideas that may be obscured by unappreciated biases. Through the deconstruction of the figure, I am hoping to engage with the viewer in something more than the simple recognition of an entity or gesture. Through deconstruction, I am hoping to invoke a consideration for a deconstruction of the self and thereby a recognition of the whole.I want my sculptures to interact with nature and architecture. I enjoy the exercise of comparing all possible viewpoints of a sculpture. I want to look through the negative spaces and see beyond the work. I consider this process critical, as it is how a solid immovable object, rooted in concrete, displays its gestures. In this process, images are processed, thoughts are provoked, and memory is formed.The role of serendipity and error in my sculptural practice cannot be undervalued. Approaching an artistic project with the closed mind of an expert is limiting. 3D digital environments present virtual images that I otherwise would not have contemplated. In a sense, I collaborate with (and not simply use) 3D software programs to create my sculptures. Moving forward, I would like to further embrace the Zen concept of the beginner’s mind - the concept that the beginner’s mind is open to many possibilities. I am open to collaborations with other artists who might be interested in providing additional means of introducing the unforeseen into my work.