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aka. Mich (they/she), Industrial Design, Art History

“A solution requires multiple perspectives to effect beneficial change. Fledge is a co-design support panel for prospective offboarding students, directing next steps for student and program via empathetic and think tank discussions. Fledge operates as both a support program and incubator to foster individual and program growth, extending 'A Community for You, Wherever You Land.'”

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A multi-disciplinary creative with a passion for experience design and exhibition curation, Michelle's design work addresses the intersections of human interaction and historical precedence via iterative design and critical dissertations. This year, Michelle focused on effecting institutional and program change as founding president of the Student Association of Industrial Design (SAID), OCAD U's only active program-specific student association.
OCAD U - Faculty of Arts & Science
Art History
Minor In progress, 2022
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Industrial Design
Major Completed, 2021
University of Toronto Mississauga / Sheridan College
Art and Art History
Major Transferred, 2018
Toronto Metropolitan University
Architectural Science
Minor Transferred, 2017

Service Design Experiential Design Conversational Design Critical Studies Project Management

2021, micro macro (DesignTO)
2020, re-Location (DesignTO)
OCAD University
2019, Nuit Blanche
McEwen School of Architecture
2018, Project Project
Sheridan College
2017, Project Project
Sheridan College
2022, Excellence in Student Leadership - Award Nominee
OCAD University
2018, Coach House Books Award for Excellence in Design
Sheridan College