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Writing, Sculpture/Installation, Experimental Photography

“corrupted meditations on connectivity and spontaneous networks through structural clues and the technology of signage. I borrow syntax from forms of marketing as a critique by mimicry, highlighting the lengths and absurdities by which our current western culture has developed. ”

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Sandy Callander is an artist and writer based in Toronto. His work is concerned with slippage of meaning in communicative systems and visual interpretation through the application of specific phrases which point to areas of concern within the struggle for stable and livable employment in the service-oriented economy. Central to this are reflections on the advertising and public relations industries, the development of the “culture industry”, and physical and cognitive architectures of the built world. He has had exhibitions at Abbozzo Gallery, Beaver Hall Gallery, OCAD University, and Ryerson University. Callander was published in the 2019 and 2020 issues of the OCADU Journal of Visual and Critical Studies, was designer and co-editor of 2020 Sculpture/Installation thesis catalogue A Tending to Things, and has a forthcoming pair of books to be self-published in 2021. He holds a BFA in Sculpture/Installation from OCADU.
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Major Completed, 2020
Ryerson University
Photography Studies
Major Suspended

History of Modern and Contemporary Art Art Installing/Exhibition Design Academic Writing Woodworking Metalworking Construction Analogue and Digital Photography Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Printmaking

2020, Speculative Industries
Abbozzo Gallery, Toronto
2019, Delivery Notice
Beaver Hall Gallery, Toronto
2017, Maximum Exposure 22
Ryerson University
2016, Maximum Exposure 21
Ryerson University
2016, Division, Occupation
Closer Gallery, Ryerson University
2020, Career Launcher Fund
OCAD University
2020, Project 31 Sculpture/Installation Award
OCAD University