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Environmental Design

“My thesis work is focused on the movement and history of Toronto's Jewish community. Considerate design interventions are situated at relevant locations throughout the city. This thesis aims to take into consideration both positive and negative histories, places, etc. The design approach is two fold: For positive histories, events and site contexts, the design is focused on elevating the community, gathering and fostering inter-community relationships. For negative histories, events and site contexts, the design is focused on uncovering and appropriately paying tribute to these histories, which in many cases have gone forgotten or been covered up with concrete. The constant motif throughout both of these design approaches is the intention to illuminate the Jewish experience within the city. 'a little bit of light dispels a lot of darkness' -Rabbi Shneur Zalman ”

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My name is Jon. I'm a designer based in Toronto, Ontario. My focus is mainly in architectural design and spatial analysis. I am interested in the political and philosophical impacts of architecture and design.