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Inclusive Design (MDes)

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Inclusive Design

“Caleb is a queer, neurodivergent inclusive and equity focused Designer / Researcher, food allergy ‘foodie’, and accidental rubber duck collector designing for his fellow ‘edge-cases’ and misfits.”

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Caleb Valorozo-Jones is an inclusive and equity focused interaction designer, food allergy ‘foodie’, and accidental rubber duck collector. A lifelong misfit and ‘edge case’, Caleb devotes himself to designing for the vastness of human diversity. Instead of forcing marginalized people into designs which don’t consider them, his design ethos focuses on increasing representation of minorities and oppressed groups, especially his queer and neurodivergent communities. Ultimately, Caleb aims to listen to the underrepresented and othered, and carve out a space for his fellow misfits through design.
OCAD U - Graduate Studies
Inclusive Design (MDes)
Major Completed, 2021
Sheridan College
Honours Bachelor of Interaction Design
Major Completed, 2019

Inclusive Design Interaction Design UX Writing Digital Design Web Design Plain Language Writing TTRPG Game Design

2020, Inclusive Spectrums: Preliminary Research Exhibition
Virtual Exhibition
2019, Century Casati: A Multi-Sensory AR Exhibit of Marchesa Casati
Art Gallery of Ontario, Free Wednesday Nights
2020, Ontario Graduate Scholarship