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“I have had to introduce myself uncountable and probably will introduce myself forever. The most frequent question I received from someone else was about my nation. I do not know who I am, either. So, I start working on art to answer their questions. It usually comes from my personal experiences. Creating something is the method of knowing who I am. I get lost if I don't know what interests me and what I want to do.Sometimes I consider the history or traditions in Korea, such as the colonial era, but I look back on my personal events in detail and find meaning. Then, especially in photo-based works, I reconstruct my story. For example, the imagination in my childhood, the historical experience I heard from my grandmother, my direct or indirect experience with disasters and my mental condition at that time...My current art practice uses digital processes because it is material I can handle easily, is familiar to the public, and does not change over time. In addition, I want to create artworks that everyone can share. Works made through digital processes can be screened, displayed, printed, and reproduced in various forms. I want to tell my story to as many people as possible.The important thing in my art practice is ensuring no one feels uncomfortable. I try not to create works from the point of view that discriminates against someone, such as racism, misogyny, and homophobia.”

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Myeongjoo Park is a South Korean photographer based in Toronto and Seoul. She usually shoots still-life photography in the studio. Although her primary method to express her idea is photography, she conducts work activities using various media other than photography. She created several individual artworks and participated in an independent game project as a UI designer in 2021. In addition, Park has a high understanding of Korean culture, so it helps to link with tradition and modernity in their practice. She graduates from OCAD University in 2023.
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Major In progress, 2023

Photography Still-life Photography

2023, GradEx 108
OCAD University, Toronto, ON