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“Most of my work revolves around my emotions and responses to trauma or dealing with difficult emotions. Colour is another very important part of my practice, I love colours and feel they speak so much in artwork. Bright colours especially are eye catching and I find they capture the viewer’s attention well. I spend a lot of time choosing colours and pairing them with others in order to create complex yet complimentary palettes. I use art as a means of healing and expression that I otherwise have trouble communicating. I call myself a multidisciplinary artist as it encompasses many mediums, styles and disciplines and does not limit me to simply being an artist, designer, illustrator etc. With these multiple mediums I like to intertwine them and combine various substrates in experimentation. I feel combining media and substrates speaks to the tangle of emotions I struggle with and showcase in my practice.”

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Christine Kos is multi-discliplinary artist from Toronto, Canada. She is graduating with a degree in Printmaking and Publications.Along with completing her degree, she does freelance illustration for musicians around the globe, designing album artwork and merchandise. She enjoys working with a variety of media including oil paint, acrylic paint, conte chalk, screen printing, relief printing, risograph printing, digital illustration, and textile arts. Christine wears her emotions and feelings on her sleeve in art and often uses confessional and diaristic text to contrast her use of bright colours. She uses this to create a simultaneous balance and dissonance, and leaves space for the viewer to connect their own experiences to the work.
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Printmaking & Publications
Minor Completed, 2021
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Cross-Disciplinary Art: Publications
Major Completed, 2021

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