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“My aim is to express theoretical ideas and philosophical thought through jewellery on the body. My thesis work transitions between notions of war and armour, to moments of profound self-reflection, and finally as a step into joy and celebration. By creating pieces that are philosophically charged, I am giving the wearer a chance at self exploration and definition, in the eyes of others, and themselves.”

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Anthia Barboutsis is an art jeweler from Toronto, Canada. Her work is rooted in the realm of traditional craft, but often draws inspiration from contemporary art and design practices. With an interest in both history and philosophy, Anthia tends to blend disciplines with ideas from across academic fields. Her specialty is in the merging of textile and jewellery techniques to create detailed works of jewellery. Anthia works in hand weaving, knitting, and braiding techniques in silver and gold, often playing with colours through patinas and natural stones to create depth and visual weight in her pieces.
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Material Art & Design
Major Completed, 2021

Jewellery & metalsmithing Textile techniques in metal Hand weaving metal Kumihimo braiding

2020, L.A Pai National Jewellery Student Competition
Ottawa, ON