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Drawing & Painting

“In my thesis work, Citrine Daydream, I explore the tender joy of what it means to be woman discovering the excitement of the erotic. In my work I recognize the erotic as a deeply feminine force that empowers women through acts of self-love and indulgence, rejecting the patriarchal notion of the erotic as being explicitly sexual.I make use of colour relationship theory to express the visceral feelings associated with the spontaneous realizing of the erotic power. I want my work to look as happy as it makes me feel! Creating an imagined reality that depicts a gathering of women blissfully enjoying themselves in the company of one another, I pull from my intuitive feelings to birth each figure confidently and free of expectation. Considering notions of intimacy, ardor, and self-exploration, I employ contemporary interpretations of the body to examine the feminine affair.In more recent work, I further abstract the floral shapes and vivid colour palette of my figurative work to create energetic compositions that enable the act of painting to become an individually erotic experience. The excitement of painting radiates through playful shapes, strokes and colours to build upon concepts explored in Citrine Daydream. ”

Profile Picture
Profile Picture
B. London, ON, I am a Toronto based artist and recent graduate of Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) University, receiving a BFA in Drawing and Painting. I had the amazing opportunity to further my studies by participating in OCADU's overseas program in Florence, Italy of fall 2019.
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Drawing and Painting
Minor Completed, 2020
2020, OCADU Drawing & Painting GradEx 105
Propeller Gallery (online)
2020, Art Prom OCAD DRPT catalogue fundraiser
OCAD University, Toronto, ON
2019, SCUSA
OCAD University Open Studio, Florence, Italy
2019, Florence Fundraiser and sale
OCAD University, Toronto, ON
2018, Sweet Dreams and Candy Coated Nightmares
Freedom Factory Toronto, Toronto, ON
2018, Dirty Talk 013
Smiling Buddha, Toronto, ON
2018, Awenda Inspired
OCADU Ada Slaight Gallery, Toronto, ON