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Inclusive Design / Education / Interior Design

“Co-creating Inclusive Interviews: VR technologies for job interview training of individuals on the autism spectrum and strategies for employers”

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This research represents a fulfillment of a longing to contribute to the inclusion of individuals on the autism spectrum. The world of autism is a realm where a constant chase of “normalcy” starts from the first signs of autism a toddler shows and never ends. Individuals on the autism spectrum are expected to perform self-erasure daily to be part of our neurotypical world. If we made an effort to learn how to communicate with these atypical individuals, we would discover a dimension of unprecedented honesty, dependability, commitment, focus, precision, and diligence. The possibility of inclusive interviews would be a benefit to all of us. We could realize a wholesome society where everyone, including individuals on the autism spectrum, would have an equal employment opportunity regardless of their unique expression.
OCAD U - Graduate Studies
Inclusive Design (MDes)
Major Completed, 2021

Inclusive Design Participatory Research Co-design & autism Inclusive Interviews VR Job Interview Training Education Socially responsible design Multisensory application & ID Interior Design