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Stop Motion Animator

“If you like puppets and stop motion, that's what I am all about! I'm always excited to talk about the medium, so come check it out!”

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Profile Picture
Emma Goudie is a multidisciplinary artist. She fell in love with stop motion after she took a course on it in her second year at OCADU, and has specialized in it ever since. She is captivated by textures and does not fear the at times unpredictable nature of multimedia projects. In fact, she encourages change and subversions. A queer, half Korean, Canadian woman, Emma focuses her art on intersecting identities, mixed bodies, touch, and self-reconciliation. She aims to disturb the pleasantries of everyday life with uncanny, dream-like worlds, which expose visceral feelings and desires; emotions that taunt her, and she imagines, many others. Currently, she has only shown in Toronto exhibitions but is hoping to continue doing so while reaching further out into the world.
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Drawing and Painting: Digital Painting and Expanded Animation
Major Completed, 2021

Stop Motion Animation Digital Animation

2020, OCADU LiVE
OCAD University Livestream Webpage
2020, Festival of the Body
OCAD, Toronto
2020, Wavelength x OCAD U
Ignite Gallery, Toronto
2020, Duncan Macpherson Scholarship of Excellence
2019, Andre Beaulieu Bursary for Young Visual Artists