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aka. , Editorial, Exhibition graphics design, and Typography

“Hi, I'm Becca, a designer specializing in typography, exhibition design, and editorial work. Typography is my passion, and I believe it's the backbone of every design. I create immersive experiences through exhibition design, and my editorial layouts are both beautiful and functional. Ultimately, my design philosophy is centered around connection, and I use typography, exhibition design, and editorial work as tools to connect with clients and fellow creatives.”

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Profile Picture
I've been a practicing designer for over 6 years and have used my time at OCAD to hone my skills and strengthen my ability to create meaningful, badass works that not only look good, but do exactly what they're meant to.
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Graphic Design
Major In progress, 2023

Typography Editorial Work Exhibition Graphics Design

2023, OCADU's Gradex