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“Sam is a maker who's passionate about design that works for humans so that humans don't have to adapt to our designs.”

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Profile Picture
Sam Kingston is a designer exploring the relationship between humans and code, building robots that attempt to interpret and imitate thoughtful human interaction. His specialty involves identifying the subtleties in our built environments that are often overlooked during everyday interactions, however must be thoughtfully considered in order to design objects that fit into our existing world. He uses various 3D printing technologies to build mechanisms that interact with and automate objects which have been designed with people as their intended user-not robots.Sam’s work experience includes the position of junior industrial designer and, later, assembly technician at Cortex Design Inc. At Cortex, he ran industrial 3D printers and validated product designs, building quality control robots and test jigs to ensure that they met requirements throughout their development. More recently, he’s been working on OCAD’s Social Body Lab team as a research assistant, building wearable electronics in collaboration with Tapestry Opera for their upcoming show R.U.R a Torrent of Light. For the production, he’s designed and fabricated various bespoke designs which hold the networked electronics worn by performers.
OCAD U - Faculty of Arts & Science
Digital Futures
Major Completed, 2022

Rapid Prototyping Microcontrollers CAD Rendering & Compositing Mechanical Design Video Game Asset Production

2019, Digital Futures OPEN Show
OCAD University
2022, OCAD U Medal Winner (Digital Futures)