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“Hwa-Jin is a visual designer born in the year of the dog. She is a cons­um­mate hik­ing am­ateur, & enjoys spend­ing her time out­doors ten­ding to her budd­ing ba­ck­yard veg­e­table gard­en. At her core, she is a ten­aci­ous explor­er & co­nstant learner; Hwa‑Jin adept­ly trans­lates her un­abash­ed cur­iosity & un­con­ventional st­yle into her prac­tice involving inter­active digital exp­er­iences & process-driven, collage-like designs. She is currently a designer at aftermodern.lab (circa 2020).”

Profile Picture
Profile Picture
For further information, please visit my personal website at; for inquiries, please email me.
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Graphic Design
Major Completed, 2023

Art Direction Festival Design Book Design Fabrication Typography

2023, Designer Interview, DesignTO Festival 2023
Toronto, ON
2023, Silver Winner in Integrated Graphic Design for Social Change
Indigo Design Award
2023, Silver Winner in Integrated Graphic Design for Graphic Design
Indigo Design Award