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“Maya Skarzenski is an interdisciplinary artist fusing together painting, textiles, and photography. The bulk of her portfolio includes mixed media paintings and soft sculpture installations. Material exploration allows Skarzenski to create bodily imagery that is sensual, fragile, playful, and ambiguous. Developed from her fascination with the body’s dis/connection with the self she uses it to reflect on fluidity in sexuality, physical health, and identity.By salvaging beauty from the fear and unease in relation to the human body, her work explores the intersections between the abject and the beautiful. She investigates the body dismembered and reconstructed as landscapes, new creatures, and as objects of ornamentation.

Profile Picture
Profile Picture
Maya Skarzenski recently completed her BFA at OCAD University for Drawing and Painting. She has organized her own solo and group exhibitions while also establishing a curatorial practice. She uses exhibitions, collaborations, and panel discussions as a way to better understand the metaphysical network between artists. More recently Skarzenski’s artwork was chosen to be shown at The Exchange: Conversation’s to Inspire Change with Samantha Bee a conference held in celebration of International Women’s Day. Skarzenski was also awarded the Mrs. W. O. Forsyth Award for excellence in painting.
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Drawing and Painting
Major Completed, 2020

Painting Soft Sculpture Photography Curation

2020, Art in the Time of Coronavirus
Propeller Gallery
2020, Festival of the Body
OCAD University
2020, When I Touch You
OCAD University
2020, The Exchange: Conversation’s to Inspire Change
Sheraton Centre
2019, Creature Comfort
Dorothy H Hoover Library
2018, Saturate
Beaver Hall Gallery
2020, Mrs. W. O. Forsyth Award
OCAD University