Jordan Ferguson

Disseminate- 420-21

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“A global pandemic forced many bodies to isolate, forced Canadian governments to close borders, and place their citizens under lockdown had sparked controversy due to its lengthy duration. Some see it as an unpleasant situation that must be accepted, so the desired result can be achieved. Others think that the effects of the lockdown may be too detrimental and will be hard to reverse. Using the format/language of scientific research, I made the subject of study myself. This work is about the examination of Jordan Ferguson’s body and how it deals with the sudden change of lifestyle due to being under lockdown. The resulting animated sound piece titled “Disseminate- 420-21” contains audio of him detailing the significant changes he noticed. In doing this work, Jordan had made himself vulnerable, using strategies such as featuring his body in animated digital form, which reveals and conceals aspects of his identity. This piece transforms data into art seeking narratives in the process while satirizing the models of research and study.”

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Jordan Ferguson

Life Studies

“Exploring the human figure in two dimensions is my main focus. I intend to continue these figurative studies, seeking to infer inner emotion as well as conscious body language through various media –...” [More]