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Drawing and Painting

Jodi Tu

golden age

Acrylic paint, oil paint, and pearls on wood
14" x 14"
Taking inspiration from the Golden Age of Hollywood, I wanted to reinvent my own personal series of images that reflected upon old vintage films and sepia tone photographs. Using these slender wooden boards, I wanted to capture simple snippets of moments within a scene and bring them to life as if they were slivered stills in a film. Using found objects such as the wooden surface and pearl stickers, I contrast the luxurious imagery with its material. Although the classic, timeless attire was influenced by Audrey Hepburn, it felt quite exhilarating to pose like a famous movie star myself when taking my own photographed references.

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golden age
golden age
2021, Kunstmatrix Virtual Exhibition

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Jodi Tu

Contemporary Figurative Artist

“I’ve always been drawn to figurative painting and often use my own figure as my muse. It allows me to express clear focus on notions of the self, such as identity and personal experiences. My art is...” [More]