Lynn Song

Last Journey

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In the "Last Journey", the woman gets older when she passes each station, and each station reveals periods of her life. Different backgrounds suggest different stages of her life that starts from sadness then gradually becomes happier that explains how the background starts from the deep sea to the sky. While the deep sea represents depression, the bright sea and sky that gradually lightens means that she is overcoming the sorrows in her life. The falling meteors near the end symbolizes the woman's death. Left photos on the train indicates that the woman has no more lingering in her life. I want to convey that there are points in life where there was both joy and sorrow, and I hope the audience could relate to how some of the past memories remain good.

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Lynn Song

“The "Last Journey" is about a woman reminiscing her life while she is on a train to afterlife. In Korea, the train is said to be one of the transportations that guide souls to the beyond....” [More]