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Environmental Design - Interior Design Specialization

Ayyman Kurji

Animated Building Walkthrough

Interior Design
My thesis and design objectives will be based around the concept of ‘balance’. Due to the intention of my thesis, I feel that this is an appropriate word to convey the direction of my project because this idea of balance stems from the project’s need to have an equal amount of renewable energy used and created. In terms of dwelling, I want this project to visually represent balance because it brings a sense of calm, stability and structure to the design by placing elements in such a way that that the visual weight, in terms of objects, colors, textures and shapes is distributed. I feel that an appropriate metaphor for balance is a seesaw. Equal weight on both sides creates balance. With respect to dwelling, a seesaw in my design can equate to two weights on opposite ends that are balanced on a fixed part in the middle, ultimately creating stability and symmetry. This helps to relax the eye and produce an appealing effect. There needs to be a synergy. With respect to my design, the total amount of energy used and created by the house will be dependent on each other, just like a seesaw is dependent on each side for its outcome.

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Ayyman Kurji aka. Kurji Designs

“Design Is Thinking Made Visual”