Rachel Morris

Thesis Books

My thesis books aim to follow my concept of the upcycle in their assembly. Though the intention is to keep these books, I wanted to make sure that if they must be disposed of, they can be fully dismantled to optimize their material life. My books are hand-bound so that they are easy to dismantle and separate into reusable or recyclable components. Each book is bound using a different colour of embroidery thread that matches the book’s inner cover. The linked PDFs are digital versions of my Thesis Books:Book 1: The PitchA brief proposal for Habitat/Home, framed as a business proposal.Book 2: The ExplanationAn in-depth look at the design work and material research I did in Fall 2021 and Winter 2022Book 3: The ResearchThe research on regenerative architecture, circular design, and the critical issue of waste in the Home.Book 4: The BrandA short guide to the branding standards used for my project

“A Hand-Stitched series of thesis books, each book pertaining to different phases of my project’s journey.”

2022, GradEx 107
OCAD University

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Rachel Morris

Environmental Design: Interior Design Specialization

“Designing spaces that form symbiotic relationships between dweller and dwelling”