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“Humans. Species who are on top of the food chain. Who have created numerous technologies and conquered the earth. Now trying to dominate a relevantly new space, the digital space.This piece “Assimilated” was made as a follow up on past criticisms on computers by tinfoil hat theorist, my elders, and the Hollywood film, “The Matrix.” When it comes to using their inventions, humans will make a temporary agreement to have assistance in completing a task in front of their physical bodies. Such inventions have never had the opportunity to take humans away from reality for a long period of time until the creation of computers. Computers have been viewed as a portal where a person can lose their physical self and get away from reality. When I was growing up, my parents and elders would rebuke me whenever I spend too much time on any computerized device. They were fearful that the digital world would take me away and forget about my earthly duties, forget about my earthly self. Fast forward to 2021, the digital space has grown to the point that we humans in the developed world have made a permanent contract. We simply cannot live without such devices. They have become a part of our everyday life. How can we dominate such space if we depend on it so much? “Assimilated” is a piece that shows reality becoming pixelated. A space for humans to lose their physical bodies, in order to indulge and become data species.”

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Jordan Ferguson

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“Exploring the human figure in two dimensions is my main focus. I intend to continue these figurative studies, seeking to infer inner emotion as well as conscious body language through various media –...” [More]