Faculty of Art

Drawing and Painting

Jessica Liu


Digital Media
Digital scan, ink and acrylic on canvas
11 x 8 (h x w) inches
Text converted from audio and translated through Google Translate from Simplified Chinese, unedited.In other wordsif you don’t have an economic foundation, and you don’t have good conditions, it’s more difficult for you to do a career. It depends on your luck. It depends on your struggle.Okay?The ancestral grave of our Liu family is very good, and the genetics of the Liu family are also very good.Your grandparents, your grandparents, your grandparents,your father, and your mother are all very hardworking, so, yes Such genetic genes. Coupled with the good conditions of the boyfriend and husband you are looking for, it is likea fish in water, like a fish in water, like a tiger with wings. This is very good,so why instil these ideas? You will be more talented if he avoids detours. I appreciate your ideals.I really appreciate that you are very ideal and ambitious.This is very good.Your heart is very kind. Beautiful, and tall, so your future must be bright and lofty.You need to work hard. Studying requires hard work, and youalso need to find a good boyfriendand choose a good boyfriendslowly.

“The tension of using both the scanner and ink on canvas aligns with trying to bring these intangible moments and emotions to something that can be seen. With my education in the history and practice of traditional Chinese landscape painting I found there are similarities in the ancient art practice and using technology as a painting tool. There is a level of control and of chance. Much like the controlling and yielding to the ink simultaneously in Chinese landscape painting, I controlled several factors in the settings of a scan as well as moving lighting and the object in question, but the result was always a play with chance. The same concept applies to our personal narratives. There is a level of control, but I am particularly interested and fond of the “yielding”. This work encourages the viewer to do the same. To listen, interact, and yield to the telling of a human being’s story.”

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Jessica Liu


“She believes her narrative wouldn’t exist without her living it with others.”