Faculty of Art

Drawing and Painting

Aynsley Grealis

Whoops, you caught me

Gouache and acrylic on watercolour paper
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“I delved into the act of creating as a form of exploring erotic pleasure, where fantasies can be (re)lived through physical interpretations and illustrations. Often using humour, my paintings exist as strong narratives employing bright and playful colours, depicting figures in bliss and ecstasy, and exploring the eroticism of bodies and objects and the complexity of love and sex. I use colour and touch to emphasize the visceral and sensual nature of the erotic mind, experience, and existence. ”

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Idk I truly ever said I luv u
Idk I truly ever said I luv u

Work by

Aynsley Grealis

“To better understand the body and the self, my work focuses on the emotional and affective qualities of personal experiences that are intra-connected with relationships, sex and love. In conversation...” [More]