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Faculty of Art

Drawing and Painting

Mary Claire Page


Mixed Media
Acrylic on Bedsheets and Cardboard
95cm x 140cm
This assemblage focuses on the relationship between internal body processes and physical and psychological discomfort.

“Raw" is a reimagination of the body as a whole. Old bedsheets were draped over pieces of cardboard and covered in acrylic medium to freeze them in place. There is a tension between the folds in the sheets that are typically used to wrap and hold the body compared to the sore-like shapes that cover them. The pieces are detachable and can be rearranged in a variety of ways to form different shapes as a reference to the fluidity and transformable nature of the body.”

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Work by

Mary Claire Page

Painting and Sculpture

“Using methods of painting, sculpture and digital media, my art is a means to share my experiences and anxieties about the world we live in. My work tackles themes of the body as an exploited object,...” [More]