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Sandra Dammizio

Luck & Fate Playing Cards

The Brief: Create illustrated designs for a pack of playing cards and the box packaging.

“My designs had a theme of “Luck & Fate”, drawing on imagery and references from astrology, magic and fortune teling. The two card designs combine traditional drawing, painting and texture effects in Procreate with areas of flat-colour that emphasize the different card suits, adding both visual interest to the designs as well as facilitating rapid card recognition during play. A classic mirrored design on the cards carried over tradition and gives balance to the composition. The theme is carried over onto the box packaging, with references to the all-seeing eye, sun/moon, and a crystal ball.

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Luck & Tate Playing Cards
Luck & Tate Playing Cards

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Sandra Dammizio

Graphic Design & Illustration

“I'm a Graphic Designer and Illustrator based in Toronto and currently studying at OCAD. My multi-disciplinary experience includes branding, social media, motion, UX/UI, and front-end web development....” [More]