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Faculty of Art

Drawing and Painting

Mary Claire Page

No Days Off

Acrylic on Canvas
64cm x 80cm
"No Days Off" isn't really something to be proud of.

“This piece is both disturbing and mundane. In this surreal portrait, Page examines the problems with going to work when ill, and why its so normalized. COVID brought on a brief period where people understood the risks of coming into work sick, but like always, capitalism has its way of changing people's minds. Only a few years after the onset of COVID-19, we seem to be right back where we started.”

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No Days Off
No Days Off

Work by

Mary Claire Page

Painting and Sculpture

“Using methods of painting, sculpture and digital media, my art is a means to share my experiences and anxieties about the world we live in. My work tackles themes of the body as an exploited object,...” [More]