Faculty of Art

Drawing and Painting

Jessica Liu


Digital Media
Digital scan, ink and acrylic on canvas
16 x 12 (h x w) inches
Text translated through Google Translate from Simplified Chinese, unedited.October 11, 1993.It happened to be my birthday, and my dream of going abroad finally became a reality. Boss Liu and I traveled from Chengdu to Canada via Hong Kong to participate in the China Merchants Association.Due to the time difference, we arrived in Hong Kong at noon on the 11th, and the next day we flew 12 hours to reach Vancouver, Canada, or October 11th. I will have another birthday. This is really a wonderful gift and arrangement from God.To make me happy, I can only thank, thank, and thank again.Also during this trip, I got to know Boss Liu more deeply. He can bear hardships and stand hard work, is energetic, has amazing perseverance and professional ambition, which has changed my previous view of the boss's superficial level. He has a strong memory and a strong memory, and he can deal with foreigners in negotiations. It's also more magnanimous in dealing with others.Even though he was not my best choice at the time, he just settled with the situation and let the flow go. Coincidentally, the China-Canada cooperation project that I look forward to day and night has been delayed. Boss Liu helped me realize the dream of going abroad, even though the passport and visa for going abroad were all handled by me personally.But I still want to thank him for giving me this opportunity to go abroad.

“The tension of using both the scanner and ink on canvas aligns with trying to bring these intangible moments and emotions to something that can be seen. With my education in the history and practice of traditional Chinese landscape painting I found there are similarities in the ancient art practice and using technology as a painting tool. There is a level of control and of chance. Much like the controlling and yielding to the ink simultaneously in Chinese landscape painting, I controlled several factors in the settings of a scan as well as moving lighting and the object in question, but the result was always a play with chance. The same concept applies to our personal narratives. There is a level of control, but I am particularly interested and fond of the “yielding”. This work encourages the viewer to do the same. To listen, interact, and yield to the telling of a human being’s story.”

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Jessica Liu


“She believes her narrative wouldn’t exist without her living it with others.”