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Adriana Lee

The Indirectness For Direct Experience

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The video art describes my feelings of disconnection on the paused-contemporary world. The movement of enthusiastic audiences in the art museum is delayed and disconnected by buffering, while the time waiting for unpausing feels uncertain.I filmed people seeing Mona Lisa in the Louvre museum to express the meaning of the exhibition: the existence of audiences. I chose video-buffering as a factor causing delays to present the impossibility of seeing or being seen, and used screen effects to have an old-film appearance and show the psychological distance.As this work is also exhibited online, I want to use the audiences' space as a gallery by presenting the work directly through their screens. I want to evoke their responses by sharing my own ways of expressions for frustration and distance and to be the place for making a sense of fellowship.Part of the exhibition Sensorial Resonance, curated by Hio Lam Kylie Sio

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2021, Components of Utopia
OCADU online gallery
2021, Sensorial Resonance

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Adriana Lee


“My paintings depict my idea of a utopian future and its creation process; the world I imagine as a beautiful mess. By exploring the contradictory concepts of continuity and uncertainty of time and...” [More]