Faculty of Art

Drawing and Painting

Jodi Tu

pandemic glam

Oil on canvas
24" x 12"
Nobody should have to stop dressing up and looking fabulous solely because we have to stay at home during this pandemic. It should be more than okay to get your glam on inside so you can feel and look good for yourself. Besides, even if I were to go outside for just a walk, I wouldn’t mind dressing up a little… and at least a mask and gloves can still be a cute addition to any outfit, even ones with dazzling jewelry and lace dresses.

“In this particular series, I’m heavily influenced by COVID and how it’s been changing the way we dress. I embrace the now-normalized accessories that protect us from the virus and turn them into fashion statements. From glamorous attire to casual wear, I convey the idea that this pandemic has been present throughout all seasonal events and that the mask and gloves are staying for the long run.”

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pandemic glam
pandemic glam
2021, Kunstmatrix Virtual Exhibition

Work by

Jodi Tu

Contemporary Figurative Artist

“I’ve always been drawn to figurative painting and often use my own figure as my muse. It allows me to express clear focus on notions of the self, such as identity and personal experiences. My art is...” [More]