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Drawing and Painting

Jodi Tu

keep me from feeling blue

Oil on canvas
24" x 12"
It often feels like this pandemic is going to last forever. I found myself wanting to say “at least we’ve overcome the coldest days of the year” but then I realized that those were the only times I was actually okay with staying inside. Those were also the main times that I felt blessed to be wearing a mask because not only did it protect me from the virus but from the cold air hitting my face as well. The cold reminded me of how much I desired bundling up and layering on clothing, but it also reminded me of how important taking care of my mental and physical health was. During these times, it was even more tough because I know I’ve personally been feeling as if these lockdowns are sometimes sucking the life out of me faster than COVID will get a chance to, but I’m still trying to stay hopeful that this chaos ends soon. Maybe next winter, no matter if we still have to wear masks by then, we can keep them as fashion essentials anyway as they’ve surely helped keep me warm.

“In this particular series, I’m heavily influenced by COVID and how it’s been changing the way we dress. I embrace the now-normalized accessories that protect us from the virus and turn them into fashion statements. From glamorous attire to casual wear, I convey the idea that this pandemic has been present throughout all seasonal events and that the mask and gloves are staying for the long run.”

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keep me from feeling blue
keep me from feeling blue
2021, Kunstmatrix Virtual Exhibition

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Jodi Tu

Contemporary Figurative Artist

“I’ve always been drawn to figurative painting and often use my own figure as my muse. It allows me to express clear focus on notions of the self, such as identity and personal experiences. My art is...” [More]