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Faculty of Art

Drawing and Painting

Mary Claire Page


00:08:32 [hh:mm:ss]
A performance with a large puppet, illustrating Page's experience with chronic pain.

“Page accompanied with their larger than life hand-made puppet move slowly and indecisively throughout this eight-and-a-half minute video. Page, standing in sight behind the figure moves the head and appendages of the puppet while an eerie score of nonsensical buzzing synth sounds play in the background. Page wanted to exemplify the subtle irritation and aggravation that comes with constant pain that varies in intensity for no apparent reason. The puppet itself appears to be in a great deal of pain, but does not speak or react boldly.”

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Work by

Mary Claire Page

Painting and Sculpture

“Using methods of painting, sculpture and digital media, my art is a means to share my experiences and anxieties about the world we live in. My work tackles themes of the body as an exploited object,...” [More]