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Environmental Design - Interior Design Specialization

Ziyi Wang

Rebirth--Renovation of Kodak Building 9

Interior Design
The evolution and progression of society have resulted in the abandonment of many heritage buildings. Historical buildings are an important pillar in the representation of cultural heritage, and the execution of redevelopments can often become paradoxical. The importance of adaptation focuses on the preservation of a building’s history and its role in the revitalization of the space in an evolved environment.Rebirth echoes the original purpose of the architecture and introduces new design implementations to improve the function and experience of the space. The design process concentrates on the restoration of historical buildings with the reflection on situational fluctuation and bridging the past, present and future.

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Rebirth--Renovation of Kodak Building 9
Rebirth--Renovation of Kodak Building 9

Work by

Ziyi Wang aka. Cassie

“Vision without action is a daydream.”