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Drawing and Painting

Adriana Lee

Cosmos 4

Oil pastel, crayon and watercolour on paper
48" x 48"
My works describe the cosmos by transforming the abstract flower shape to a starry form. I see those stars as individuals in a vast world. Each life form is like a pile of past, and its entanglement is revealed from a close view. I intend to understand the complexity and vulnerability of life by observing the correlation between time and space.I describe the balance and movement by painting abstract forms on the square surface and use the 48” canvas as a door for another world. I intend to express the flow of time by creating a form of growing star and use crayons before applying watercolour to make opaque marks to show the relationship of coexisting elements. The Cosmos makes me realize how small the confusion, emotion, or life of mine is, and this is also my way to understand living.

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Cosmos 4
Cosmos 4
2021, Components of Utopia
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Adriana Lee


“My paintings depict my idea of a utopian future and its creation process; the world I imagine as a beautiful mess. By exploring the contradictory concepts of continuity and uncertainty of time and...” [More]