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Faculty of Art

Drawing and Painting

Mary Claire Page


Acrylic on bedsheet and carboard
106cm x 160 cm
What does it mean to paint a lie?

“"Goose" was made in response to the prompt "painting lies". Pieces of carboard are glued together and wrapped in an old bedsheet to mimic the typical stretched canvas substrate. A distorted self portrait with exaggerated, almost cartoonish features, and a massive smile stares out into space. This painting comments on the posed and overly manicured ways in which we photograph ourselves and the inaccuracy of those depictions. The title "Goose" is a reference to the term "silly goose" which Page lovingly uses to describe themselves. ”

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Work by

Mary Claire Page

Painting and Sculpture

“Using methods of painting, sculpture and digital media, my art is a means to share my experiences and anxieties about the world we live in. My work tackles themes of the body as an exploited object,...” [More]