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Graduate Studies

Strategic Foresight and Innovation (MDes)

Amy Morrell

Why We Buy

Service Design
Abstract: Modern life in urban North America is inextricably linked to the system of consumerism. The shift from manufacturing to a service-based economy has resulted in populations becoming dependent on corporations and retailers to produce and sell products required to fulfil our basic needs. Seasonal purchasing cycles have created a social expectation of consumption, o but the pressures this brings impacts individuals’ emotional, environmental and economic wellbeing. Additionally, the exponential growth and diversification of advertising has infiltrated our lives and perpetually send messages that individuals need to purchase more in order to find happiness and fulfilment in life. This dependence and emotional and social connection make the system difficult to overcome. Using the Systemic Design Toolkit as a guide, this analysis seeks to understand how the system of consumerism is upheld, how it affects individuals’ well-being, and possible areas for intervention. Keywords: consumerism; systems thinking; well-being; environment; economy

“Created by: Nicole Brkic, Martha Chomyn, Alejandra Farías Fornés, Razane Hanna, Amy Morrell”

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Why We Buy
Why We Buy

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Amy Morrell

Strategic Foresight & Innovation

“*Simplify the complex to make space for possibility* - this has been my approach to the work I do and in leading teams to success for the past 20+ years. It is an approach enabled by an inclusive...” [More]