Faculty of Art

Drawing and Painting

mihyun maria kim


Photograph of Origami sculpture from video performance
30 x 30"
00:00:59 [hh:mm:ss]
By playing a game of future telling with Origami, that holds an image of an estranged forgotten mother, multiple combinations of patterns are formed. Rules in Origami include the elimination of cutting or gluing parts of the paper, and rather stimulate complex folding in to each other, that cause equal parts to be invisible as many as those visible. Additionally, Origami can be opened as a flat image or closed to be activated as an object. Through the qualities of these materials, I am grasping onto a dissipating memory, recording an active engagement with “what might have been and what has been, [that] point to one end, which is always present”*.

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mihyun maria kim


“‘Han’ is a Korean word that describes a sense of one’s loss, grief or 'shared suffering'. I trace connections in transferred individual and collective memories, particularly linked with...” [More]