Zoë Roiati-Antonucci

Error 404 Not Found

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Final project for life studies capstone class. Audio composed by myself using Native Instruments and Logic Pro.

““Error 404 Not Found” is a time-based media piece in which I represent myself as a cyborg, who’s name is Zoë Starra, a character that I have portrayed in ongoing works as an altergeo/persona for my musical performances. As an interdisciplinary artist, my thesis intertwines my art and music through the narrative of a cyborg girl struggling to stay alive. The setting takes place in a dystopian futuristic world where cyborgs are exploited to the point of extermination. In this piece which takes place in a dark, outmoded and decrepit laboratory, I am hooked up to wires and monitors that keep me alive. I struggle to move but all I can do is twitch and glitch. A light illuminates my face and the monitor behind me switches to static implying that there is a break in the transmission of data. It is a loss of communication hence the title, “Error 404 Not Found” meaning communication cannot connect. Without communication and data there is no life. There is just static. Yet, even within the static, which is represented by dots of white and black, or digitally by zeros and ones, there is still hope that life can continue.

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Error 404 Not Found
Error 404 Not Found

Work by

Zoë Roiati-Antonucci aka. Zoë Starra

Cross-Disciplinary Art: Life Studies

“I believe I can assimilate the modern world with the forces of nature. I want to have the best of both worlds. When I claim that I am a cyborg, I don’t say it to be special or different. My purpose...” [More]