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aka. 2023 OCAD U Medal Winner // Writer of Poetic Memoir Here's To Letting Go , Creative Writing

“Here’s to Letting Go is a fusion of creative non-fiction and poetry that delves into my personal experience of being queer while unsheltered. Along with the pain and fear of this circumstance, there are also themes of love and healing. Through a unique blend of poetic language and personal narrative, Here's to Letting Go offers an intimate and introspective exploration of the intersectional experiences of queerness, homelessness, and mental illness. The work offers a powerful and vulnerable portrayal of my journey towards acceptance of identity and healing from trauma.”

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Blaine Thornton is a non-binary writer currently from Sudbury, Ontario. Their book, Here’s To Letting Go, was awarded the 2023 OCAD U Medal for Creative Writing. During their degree, Blaine was the Managing Editor for the first edition of Pulse Literary Journal, and co-host of Friday Night on the Mic. Blaine defines themself as a community-based artist and their work prioritizes a healing mindset in the genres of poetry and non-fiction. They have facilitated workshops LGBTQ+ healing for Fierté Sudbury Pride and Myths and Mirrors. In addition to leading youth and adult classes, they have also facilitated children’s works writing, theatre, and art workshops for Arts Etobicoke and Mongetmory’s Inn.
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Creative Writing
Major In progress, 2023
OCAD U - Faculty of Arts & Science
Indigenous Visual Culture
Minor Completed, 2023

Poetry Creative Non-Fiction Theatre and Performance

2023, Nora E. Vaughan Award