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Creative Writing

Blaine Thornton

Here's To Letting Go

Interactive Installation

“Blaine Thornton’s poetic memoir was printed on lined sheets of paper. A cup of pens sits under signs that reads “Pick Up a Pen. No really…pick up a pen and write. Leave your comments, poems or doodles. Know that I am still growing.” One side of the lined pages were left blank so that viewers can leave their thoughts and read Here’s To Letting Go. ”

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Here's To Letting Go
Here's To Letting Go
2023, Nora E. Vaughan Award

Work by

Blaine Thornton aka. 2023 OCAD U Medal Winner // Writer of Poetic Memoir Here's To Letting Go

Creative Writing

“Here’s to Letting Go is a fusion of creative non-fiction and poetry that delves into my personal experience of being queer while unsheltered. Along with the pain and fear of this circumstance, there...” [More]