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“After extensive research about the role that Arabic graphic design plays in the Lebanese culture, I applied the knowledge I’ve learned by localizing brands culturally. The goal is to create designs that invite young people to embrace and connect with their cultural heritage through these services. I am presenting my concept through a set of designs (logos, webpages, a typeface, a service prototype, a mobile app, motion designs & advertisements) for a brand that we all use or come across with on a daily basis, no matter our age or culture: Google.”

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Hey! My name is Adel. I moved to Toronto from Lebanon in 2017 and I realized that I knew more about the Western culture than I did about my own. That's why for my thesis LOCALIZING BRANDS, I made some research about the graphic design aspect of my Lebanese culture and incorporated it into a well-known brand: Google. I'm interested in branding, typography and motion design which I intergrated in my project . You can find it here: www.localizingbrands.myportfolio.com I hope your enjoy!
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Graphic Design
Major In progress, 2021

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