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Drawing & Painting

“I explore the tactile process of staining fabric to create self-portraits which take on delicate abstract forms. Influenced by soak-stain painting, I strive to create a balance between controlling the paint and allowing it to flow freely, mirroring life's uncertainties.Staining is integral to my process, as the fabric serves as an extension of my own body, the pigments and paint act as the physical and emotional elements that integrate with my body as I move through life. As a young woman living with congenital heart disease since birth, my work reveals how my condition has shaped my perception of my own body.

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Deirdre McIntosh is a Toronto-based artist and curator specializing in abstract painting. Her current painting practice focuses on self as subject, exploring the complexities of the body by drawing on her personal experiences and memories of living with heart disease. McIntosh has exhibited work at the Glasgow School of Art and OCAD University, and has curated an exhibition in the Ada Slaight Gallery.
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Drawing and Painting
Major In progress, 2023
Glasgow School of Art
Painting & Printmaking Exchange Semester
Major Completed, 2022

Painting Curating Abstract Painting Time Management Staining

2023, Apres Quoi
OCAD University
2023, As Above, So Below
OCAD University
2023, Conditions Of Carriage
Reid Building, Glasgow School of Art
2023, Art Prom Fundraiser
Great Hall, OCAD University
2022, Mutter!
Stow Building, Glasgow School of Art
2023, St. George's Society of Toronto Bursary in Art & Design in Honour of Rosalie Sharp
OCAD University